Pasta is perceived as unhealthy dish,though many of us love this dish.There are two type of Pasta available in the market, whole grain pasta and refined grain pasta.As whole grains are healthy and refined grains are not, we should choose whole grain pasta. If we add some other nutritious ingredients like beans and veggies, then pasta can be a healthy meal.
      Pasta provides Carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals too.It supplies good energy for your muscles as well as your brain.It keeps glucose level stable.Interestingly pasta is free of cholesterol and so it can take place in your weight loss diet plan. If you are worried about sudden fluctuation in blood sugar level, pasta is ideal choice for you, as it prevents the sudden high and lows in blood sugar level.

    How to cook Pasta :-

  • Put a pan on oven and add chopped beans and other veggies(as you wish) and saute for 2 mins.Add water just enough to cover them partially.Add salt to taste.
  • Cover and cook on a low to medium heat until the veggies are  done.
  • Turn off the switch of your stove and empty the pan into the strainer to remove water from veggies.
  • Take another large pot and fill 2/3 of it with water.Remember under fill the pot with water will make the pasta sticky. You can also add hot water to reduce your cooking time.
  • Put the pot on oven and switch on the oven to high flame.Add 1 or 2 table spoon salt to taste.
  • Wait for the water to boil.
  • Add pasta to the water and stir. Take care that the pasta does not stick to the bottom.
  • Cook 8 to 10 mins and stir every so often on medium flame to prevent sticking.
  • Take a piece of pasta out to check whether it is done or not.Bite into the pasta if it is too hard to bite then the pasta is not done it needs to cook a little longer.
  • Add the previously cooked veggies and mix gently with pasta.Cover and cook for a while.
  • Now turn off the switch of the oven and empty the pot into the strainer to remove water from pasta.
  • Your pasta is ready to serve. Put it on a plate and your favorite sauce. Use fresh parsley leaves for garnishing.

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